Paintings (5-works)

Qi  Chengxiang Candlelight 12
Candlelight #12
Oil on canvas
40 x 30 in
Qi  Chengxiang Candlelight 18
Candlelight #18
Oil on canvas
40 x 30 in
Qi  Chengxiang Girl With Violin
Girl With Violin
Oil on canvas
20 x 24 in
Qi  Chengxiang Girl with Cat
Girl with Cat
Oil on canvas
30 x 24 in
Qi  Chengxiang Candlelight 16
Candlelight #16
Oil on canvas
30 x 24 in

Qi  Chengxiang

Qi Chengxiang

Qi Chengxiang Biography

(Chinese, b. 1952)

Chengxiang Qi’s painting reveals the influence of the Dutch School of Art and the virtuosity of the Italian Renaissance. Every innovative original reflects a sensitivity to light combined with saturated color, within a poetically excellent composition. His refined and elegant style characterizes compelling portraits of modest young omen in traditional Chinese attire, their youth and quiet innocence captured on the canvas for eternity.

Mr Qi’s devotion to his work has been untiring. After graduating from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 1977, he completed his master’s degree at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing in 1987. While attending the Central Academy’s research department, Qi mastered many different styles and techniques, exploring a wide range of venues, from impressionism to realism. He is an exciting and classical contributor to the world of art.

In 2001, Qi immigrated to the US and started the “Candlelight Sequence” series. He has been featured in a number of gallery exhibitions. The Chinese government has presented him with numerous awards, including the Gold award in the prestigious 8th National Exhibition. He has been received in Germany, France, Holland and Spain for solo exhibitions.


Qi Chengxiang Resumé

Exhibitions and Awards

1980 “Breaking Promise” 3rd Prize, 2nd National Youth Art Exhibition, Beijing

1984 “Hot Wind” Outstanding work, 6th National Art Exhibition, Beijing

1987 Solo art show “Lonely Place”, “Black Bird”, “1100th Kilometer” National Museum in Beijing

1987 Solo art show “nude”, “still life” Museum of Central Academy of fine art, Beijing

1989 “00:15” 7th National Art Exhibition, Beijing

1990 “Steel Workers” 1st prize, National Exhibition of Excellent Oil Painting, Beijing

1993 “One man art show” Essen, Germany

1995 “One man art show” Aachen, Germany

1995 “One man art show” Seoul, Korea

1996 “Smiling Sun” Silver prize, “Ding,Shaoguang Prize” National Art Exhibition

1997 “Steel Worker” 100th Anniversary of Oil Painting Art, Beijing

1999 “Good Morning! City” Gold prize, 8th “Stars” National Exhibition, Beijing

2000 “Urban Scenery Search” Bronze prize, 9th National Exhibition, Shanghai

2000 “Good Morning! City” Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition, Japan

2001 “Miao Girl” “Candle Light” Painting series

2008 “Candle Light” 17th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils in America


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