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Daria  De Koning

Daria De Koning

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Daria learned metalsmithing while a fine arts student at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., and was encouraged by one of her professors to pursue jewelry design as a career. She subsequently earned a gemologist degree from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America. Her love of painting led her to seek out gemstones with elegant purity as well as complex colorations based on striations, inclusions, and fossilization. Many of her customers have become collectors of her jewelry, much as gallery patrons collect works by their favorite painters, sculptors, and photographers.


Gravitating toward cabochon (unfaceted) stones, Daria often names her smooth-faced, couture pieces for their inspirations. For example, Star Crossed Lovers Bracelet presents a tableau of starry golden, rutilated quartz with panels of marquise-engraved gold and citrine/smoky citrine gemstones. Jellyfish Earrings combine rubellite tourmaline with en tremblant tentacles of 18K rose gold, tiny diamonds, and tear-drop tanzanites.


Like her clients, Daria loves the rare and unusual. For example, her Cornfield Earrings showcase a blue-gray, flowery pattern in fossilized coral from the Miocene Age, accented with chalcedony and iolite. Her Eye of Siberia bracelet showcases an 84.20 ct. Siberian cat’s eye pink tourmaline. The richness of specific gemstones drives her to create one-of-a-kind compositions that can never be mistaken for jewelry available in duplicated fashion.


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