(American, 1954 – 2003)


Douglas Ricks was born in Logan, Utah in 1954 and raised in rural Idaho, a farming area.  With his father also being an artist, Douglas grew up surrounded by art.  However Douglas began to pursue art at his own pace, at the age of 18, and studied privately with a Russian teacher, Sergei Bongart, and his father, who ran summer workshops.  He later studied at Ricks College (now currently Brigham Young University), in Rexburg, but after two semesters, he dropped out, feeling the curriculum was not taking his skill in the direction he wished for it to go. He then spent two years in New York City and studied artwork directly in museums, choosing to paint rather than go to school.


Upon returning to Idaho, he put his newfound skills to work, and became known for his distinctive soft-hued style of realism. By the age of 23, his work was being exhibited in galleries, and over the years, he has received national awards, and had seven one-man exhibitions in the Southwest.


Mood, poetry, and emotions are very important to Douglas, and he applies these elements in order to accurately construct the places closest to his heart, whether real or purely of imagination.



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