(Est. 1990)

Glasstudio Borowski was founded in Poland in 1990 by Stanislaw Borowski (French, b. 1944), an internationally acclaimed glass artist. His unique style of glass sculptures and objects are found in numerous art galleries, museums and private collections throughout the world.

Stanislaw’s sons, Pawel Borowski (Polish, b. 1969) and Stanislow Jan Borowski (Polish, b. 1981) are part-owners of the Glasstudio Borowski. They design glass pieces for all three parts of the collection: the Artist Editions, the Studio Line and the Outdoor Objects. In some cases, one of the brothers is responsible solely for a particular piece; although, they often collaborate. Their work is available in select galleries and is included in major private collections as well as international art museums. Their work reflects the tradition begun with their father and their pieces show a love of color as well as a playful approach to glass. Several techniques often incorporated into their work include blowing, sandblasting and engraving. The results are unique and highly desired by lovers of glass.


The substance of glass is for us a matter of pure fascination, and there is no other material that allows for so many ways of manipulation and bold creativity. Our enthusiasm is reflected in our handmade, innovative, and impressive objects and sculptures.

To design and build our sculptures, to create objects or to make imagery appear within the glass itself we have also applied techniques that had almost vanished. The results are art objects that reflect images of space, freedom, individuality, and enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy our fascinating and colorful glass objects as well.




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June 21, 2017
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May 7 - June 7, 2020
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May 7 - June 7, 2020
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