American, b. 1984

Charles Stuart Callis was born in 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received an international education, attending schools in Germany, England, Switzerland, and United States, and obtained his BFA from the University of Utah. Callis currently lives and works in Helper, Utah, and enjoys spending his free time exploring the American West, the influences of that and his travels can be seen in much of his work. 


2011-2013 -       Artist in Residence Helper, Utah

2015- 2016 -      Artist in Residence – Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Elmo, Utah



2012 -13 -          Helper Artists: Coda Gallery, Palm Desert, California

2014- 2016 -     Trove Gallery, Park City, Utah

2016-2017 -      Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit, Price, Utah

"earth and sky.

human and living.

unseen realm.

where I am looking is where I discover.

light and chroma.

mood saturation.

landscape and x-scape.




beauty in all.

from deep.

seeing is golden.

beauty is abundant."


- Charles Calllis



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