Daryl Gortner

Paintings (11-works)

Daryl  Gortner Simply Irresistible
Simply Irresistible
Oil on board
48 x 36 in
Daryl  Gortner Sweet Mary Janes
Sweet Mary Janes
Oil on canvas
24 x 36 in
Daryl  Gortner Thinking Outside the Box
Thinking Outside the Box
Oil on canvas
26 x 42 in
Daryl  Gortner Cherries Jubilee
Cherries Jubilee
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 in
Daryl  Gortner High Five
High Five
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 in
Daryl  Gortner Mighty Sweet
Mighty Sweet
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 in
Daryl  Gortner Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink
Oil on canvas
30 x 40 in
Daryl  Gortner Sky High
Sky High
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in
Daryl  Gortner Sole Mates
Sole Mates
Oil on canvas
15 x 40 in
Daryl  Gortner Sugar High
Sugar High
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 in
Daryl  Gortner Sweet Sensations
Sweet Sensations
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 in

Daryl  Gortner

Daryl Gortner

Daryl Gortner Biography

(American, b. 1958)

Inspiration often comes from the most unlikely places. It might be found in the brightly colored hues of a coffee cup or a jumble of marbles in a mason jar. Celebrating ordinary objects in our everyday lives, Daryl Gortner brings out the extraordinary in what we might otherwise neglect to see or feel.

Her works in still life represent an exaggerated photorealistic style in large proportional size, magnifying simple lines to reveal complex subtleties in line and texture. Luscious strokes of color defy modesty with layer upon layer of painting and glazing, providing intense depth and richness. Daryl works primarily in oil on canvas, linen or birch panel primed with several coats of gesso. Her painstaking process can typically take up to two months from start to finish for one painting.

Eight years into her artist career, Daryl’s clarity of vision, talent and skill have attracted loyal patrons and admirers from across the country. She has received numerous awards in juried competitions, was named a finalist in the “Artist Magazine and International Artist Magazine” and has been recognized in publications such as American Art Collector and Creative Quarterly Magazine. Her work can be found at many art exhibitions, galleries, corporate and private collections throughout the country.


Daryl Gortner Statement

Art, a universal way of communication, is my means of communication with the world. This communication is done with an exaggerated photorealistic style which focuses on the intensity of color. As an artist, I take pleasure in capturing everyday objects from our world and enlarging them using vast proportional sizes. It is in this magnification that their genuine characteristics are accentuated. Some of my preferred subjects to portray using my distinctive style are: kitchen items, shoes, toiletries, and food. I am inclined to work with these objects because all people can make meaningful connections with these simple, yet complex images.


Daryl Gortner Resumé

For full resume, view PDF below

Art Education

2004-2008 Fullerton College


2010-Present Art Classes for Adults and Children, City of Brea Art Gallery

Art Exhibitions

2016 Group Exhibition, March – April, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, Ca.

2016 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Palm Springs, Ca.

2016 Solo Exhibition, February- March, Coda Gallery, Palm Desert, Ca.

2015 Solo Exhibition, “Lollies, teacups and shoes, oh my!” Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, Ca.

2015 “Food for Thought” Group Exhibition, William D. Cannon Art Gallery, Carlsbad, Ca.


2016 Yearly Issue, Desert Key Magazine

2016 Yearly Issue, Palm Springs Life Magazine

2015 Yearly Issue, Palm Springs Life Magazine

2014 Yearly Issue, Desert Key Magazine

2014 Yearly Issue, Palm Springs Life Magazine


Anaheim Juried Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention – Diner Essentials

Artist’s Magazine Juried Competition, Finalist – Diner Necessities

Colored Pencil Society of America, Honorable Mention – Diner Essentials

Cypress Open Juried Art Exhibit, 2nd Place – Diner Essentials

Artist’s Magazine Annual Juried Exhibit, Artist of the Month – Stacked


2004-Present La Habra Art Association

2005-Present Cypress Art Association

2008-Present Long Beach Art Association


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