Glass (4-works)

Dino  Rosin Couple
21 x 13.5 x 5 in
Dino  Rosin Maternita
27 x 10 x 8 in
Dino  Rosin Family
26 x 16 x 10 in
Dino  Rosin Sailboat
30 x 19 x 8 in

Dino  Rosin

Dino Rosin

Dino Rosin Biography

(Italian, b. 1948)

Born in Venice on May 30th 1948, Dino Rosin was taken by his family while still an infant to live on Murano, the glass-producing island in the Venice lagoon.  On leaving school at the age of 12, Dino began work straight away with much passion and dedication as an apprentice at one of the isle’s eldest and most renowned glass factories, “Barovier e Toso”.


His love for glass working gave him the chance to quickly earn a reputation, his energetic spirit letting him express his enthusiasm when modeling this unique material.


In 1963 joined his brothers, Loredano and Mirco, already owners of the glass studio “Artvet”.


At 15 years old, Dino started working with his brother Loredano, who was gaining success as a new master glass-worker.  It was then that Egidio Constantini, owner of the renowned Fucina degli angeli (Angels’ Furnace), suggested that they come to collaborate with the most famous artists of the time: Picasso, Chagall, Jean Cocteau and Le Corbusier, to mention only a few of the leading names who frequented his furnace-workshop. The new idea entailed the recreation of these artists’ works in glass through the use of wholly new techniques and working methods.


This experience allowed Loredano to start out on prestigious projects and Dino to refine his talents through working alongside his brother.


Having gained the certainty and awareness of his artistic abilities in glass molding, in 1975 Loredano decided to realize one of his greatest ambitions: he opened a studio of his own where he would best accomplish his ideas by creating new and highly personal works of art.


It was not long before Loredano asked Dino to follow him in this new enterprise.  The “adventure” was not without risk.  Still today Dino remembers the warning of Francesco Zanetti called “Bea Ua”, his old master, who feared that, by working as a support to his brother, Dino would not manage to fully develop his natural abilities in shaping such a distinctive material in glass.


Dino then began to develop his creative talents and at the same time perfect his techniques. He followed every stage of the production process: from the combining of the raw materials to the melting of the glass composition, to its coaxing in the furnace using personal ideas and inspirations and lastly to cold shaping – the phase at which Dino excels and indeed shows an almost unequaled skill.  His cutting and grinding of large sculptures place him among the world’s best glass-artists.


For Dino, the feeling he experiences when working with glass is one of pleasure: the giving of form to his own ideas and the consolidating of his creative talent into objects that can be admired and touched.


In 1988 together with Loredano and the American glass artist William Morris, he was invited to demonstrate his way of working molten glass at the “Pilchuck Glass School” in Washington State.  It is a collaboration that Dino has kept up with ever since, and he has been teaching again since August of 2001.


In 1991, however, the Rosin family was plunged into mourning. Loredano, the much-loved brother, suffered fatal head injuries in a motor-launch collision in the waters of the Venice lagoon.  The tragedy deeply affected all the family and Dino was overcome by the loss.  On recalling the moment, he says “When I was brought the news about my brother I felt I had died along with him.  I was literally shattered”.


It was only after some months that, with the help of his son, Diego – who in the meantime had gained his diploma in design at the Venice Art Institute – and the sincere support of his valuable colleagues, Dino managed to overcome this period of grief and concentrate again on his creations, this time with perhaps an even greater commitment and tenacity than before.


Of his year of intense work with his brother Loredano, Dino recalls: “Loredano and I, …together…, it’s hard to explain, but I didn’t even need to speak to him; my development at his side became like symbiosis.  My admiration, regard and total esteem meant that, each day, my pride grew stronger for staying beside him, humbly accepting his criticisms, or rather advice”.


Today Dino Rosin, together with his brother, Mirco – who runs the organizational and administrative side of things, is dedicated to a new venture, “STUDIO ROSIN s.r.l.” where each day he continues to create wonderful glass sculptures. 


His best works are shown at many prestigious art galleries throughout the world.

Dino Rosin Resumé



2016 – MURANO 100X100 - Sulle ali della Laguna Mostra Collettiva dei Maestri Vetrai di Murano

                        Venice, Italy

Murano Glass Christmas- The Murano’s Master Glassmakers Interpret the Nativity

                        Venice, Italy

2014 – “Col “Vero” …Se Incontra”

                        Murano - Venice, Italy

2013 – Premio Vivarini 2013

                        Roncade TV, Italy

2010 – Pilchuck Glass School 32nd Annual Auction

                        Seattle Washington, USA

2009 – Farevtro. Artistic Creation and Craft Techniques in one hundred works


2008 – Oriente in Riviera

                        Mira- Venice, Italy

Fare Vetro. New Ideas and Resources for an Age-Old Craft

                        Murano- Venice, Italy

Di Vetro Divine

                        Sirminoine (Brescia), Italy

            Mostra Arte Sacra

                        Murano, Venice, Italy

2007 – Pilchuck Glass School 29th Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

            Citta d’ Arte si incontrano: di TERRA e di FUOCO – Mostra di opera in vetro di Murano

                        Massa Marittima- Grosseto, Italy

2006 – Pilchuck Glass School 28th Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

            One Man Show

                        Murano- Venice, Italy

2006-2008 – Vetro in Villa

                        Mira- Venice, Italy

2005 – Pilchuck Glass School 27th Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, Italy

            “Works in Calcedonia” Internationally Acclaimed Glass Sculptures

                        Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA

2004 – Pilchuck Glass School 26th Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

            Vitraria Vetri Artistici Storici Industriali

                        San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), Italy

2003 – Pilchuck Glass School 25th Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

Vitraria Vetri ARtistici Storici Industriali

            San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy

Exhibtion at Villa Frattina – Gala for benefit performance

            Meduna di Livenza, Treviso, Italy

            Art Across America

                        Kirkland, Washington, USA

2002 - Pilchuck Glass School 24th Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

            Anacortes Arts Festival 41st Edition

                        Anacortes, Washington, USA

            One Man Show

                        Venice, Italy

2001 – Pilchuck Glass School Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

2000 – Exhibition: Stupor Mundi – Federico II

                        Jesi, Ancona, Italy

1998 – 20th Anniversary Pilchuck Faculty Show

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

            Pilchuck Glass School 20th Annual Auction

                        Seattle, Washington, USA

            Aperto Vetro Venezia: Omaggio a Venezia – Le quattro stagioni

                        Venice, Italy

            Craftsmanship Exhibition

                        Mondovi, Cuneo, Italy

            Exhibition: La Piazzetta

                        Sardegna, Italy

            Exhibition: Hotel Sporting

                        Sardegna, Italy

            Pitti Uomo: Exhibtion with Fashion Avon Celli

                        Firenze, Italy

            Exhibtion: Dino Rosin – La Scultura del Vetro

                        Frascati, Rome, Italy

1997 – Exhibtion of Historic and Contemporary Italian Glass: Heir Apparent Translating the Secret of Venetian Glass

                        Bellevue, Washington, USA

1996 – One Man Show

                        Venice, Italy

1995 – Exhibition: Maestri Vetriai Creatori di Murano del ‘900

            Comacchio, Italy



Art Visions – C.Egan Galleries

            Lahaina, Hawaii, USA

Chasen Galleries Inc.

            Richmond, Virginia USA

Endangered Art Gallery

            Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Arts

            Sedona, Arizona USA

L’ Art Venitien

            Montecarlo, Principato di Monaco

New River Fine Art Gallery

            Ft. Lauderdale,  Florida, USA

Off the Wall Gallery

            Houston, Texas, USA

Onessimo Fine Art Gallery

            Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Plaza Galleries

            Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Star Crystal Int’l Co. Ltd.

            Taipei, Taiwan



2005 – Dino Rosin- Fine Art Sculptor in Glass – by Debbie Tarsitano

            Glass Art- The Magazine for the Art GLASS Industry

2003 – Dino Rosin- In Person

            Community e entertainment

1999 – Italian Glass Artist Visits with Public in Corning.

            Star- Gazette by Lidia Fernandez




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