Sculpture (1-work)

Donald  Riggs Guardian
36 x 19 x 27 in

Donald  Riggs

Donald Riggs

Donald Riggs Biography

(American, b. 1948)

Born in Northern California on January 6, 1948 and raised in the San Francisco bay Area.  Donald Riggs began his artistic career as a designer/sculptor of custom jewelry.  Operating his own jewelry store in Sausalito for 14 years, Don created custom pieces for domestic and international clients.  Working with precious metals and gemstones, his designs reflected the graceful geometry unique to his style.


In 1989, Don entered a new creative phase when he began sculpting in stone.  This transition in medium and size inspired a series of freeform and wildlife abstracts.  In 1990, using the lessons learned in stone; Don again returned to working with metals and released his first bronze collection presenting eight designs in 50 piece editions.  Working with the Studio American bronze foundry in Oroville, California, Don maintains his hands-on involvement as he creates abstracts that capture the imagination.  From the molding process through casting and patina, he creates images from freeform to wildlife with an art deco influence.  His designs exhibit the flowing lines and timeless grace of a true master.  By providing his sculptures with their own color and finish, Don is able to create pieces that are truly one of a kind.  Constant experimentation with a wide array of subject matter has lent itself to Don’s ability to translate his style into every one of his creations.


Don’s recent success is through art shows and private commissions.  His sculptures are exhibited in galleries throughout the West Coast, and have received numerous awards and recognition.  In 2002, Don won first place for sculpture at the Sausalito Arts Festival.  He will be one of 12 artists to participate in an art cruise sponsored by the board of directors of the Sausalito Arts Festival.

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