Eric Candee’s recent series of wall sculptures, “Architectural Abstracts,” is inspired by the rich textures and mineral pigments of the earth, water and nature of Colorado, where his studio is located. Linear lines, color blocks and various metals symbolize society’s architecture and influence. Another series, “Asian Influenced Zen,” explores the symbolism of eastern art through concepts of simplicity and contemplation.

The wild rivers and jagged mountains of Salida, Colorado are home to artist, Eric Candee. This western environment has shaped his life and art for the past 30 years.

Peaceful, architectural and minimal are words often used to describe Eric’s work. He draws upon natural colors and textures then combines clean lines with architecturally symbolic elements that represent a coexistence of society with nature.  The layering of textures, acrylic pigments and architectural metals create rich and contemplative surfaces.  Like time and life, it’s all about the layers! His most recent series “Architectural Abstracts” utilizes symbolic textures and mineral based pigments that echo the land and nature of the West.  Textures inspired by dried earth, flowing water and various plant surfaces are found in this series. In contrast, straight lines and color blocks reference contemporary structures. Some works incorporate nuts, bolts and stainless steel appliqués, which symbolize our society’s architecture and influence.  Together they blend to create a tranquil visual expanse.

 “Asian Influenced Zen” is a series that explores various symbolisms of eastern art with a contemporary twist.  Concepts of simplicity and contemplation influence this work. Geometric shapes and appliqués combine to recall ancient Asian symbols and artifacts. These symbols still resonate in our minds today.  In this series, the old and new collide.

Eric Candee has garnered numerous awards and exhibited his work at the most prestigious fine art festivals across the US. He has been a featured artist at the #1 ranked La Quinta Arts Festival. Luxe Magazine included his work in an exclusive 2013 Colorado artists’ showcase.  In 2013 Eric exhibited his work along with internationally known painter, Ted Waddel at the Durango Art Center.  Also, a short film about Candee’s work was released online in 2014.

Eric hopes that his art provides access for people to contemplate the importance of the relationship between society and the environment that sustains us. “Peace, simplicity and beauty to your life”.  Thank you for your interest in his work.

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