Jesse Kelly

Glass (11-works)

Jesse  Kelly Bamboo Stick
Bamboo Stick, 2016
Blown and sculpted glass
26 x 3 x 3 in
Jesse  Kelly Giant Black and Gold Plant
Giant Black and Gold Plant, 2016
Blown and sculpted glass
104 x 60 x 60 in
Jesse  Kelly Giant Blue Aqua Plant
Giant Blue Aqua Plant, 2017
Blown and sculpted glass
102 x 48 x 55 in
Jesse  Kelly Giant Fire Plant
Giant Fire Plant, 2017
Blown and sculpted glass
101 x 32 x 45 in
Jesse  Kelly Glass Flowers
Glass Flowers, 2016
38 x 13 x 13 in
Jesse  Kelly Glass Leaves
Glass Leaves, 2016
80 x 4 x 4 in
Jesse  Kelly Apple
Apple, 2017
13 x 10 x 10 in
Jesse  Kelly Pear
Pear, 2017
21.5 x 9 x 9 in
Jesse  Kelly Giant Aqua Plant
Giant Aqua Plant, 2016
Blown and sculpted glass
102 x 48 x 55 in
Jesse  Kelly Purple Spears Plant
Purple Spears Plant, 2017
Blown and sculpted glass
87 x 25 x 18 in
Jesse  Kelly Red Spears Plant
Red Spears Plant, 2017
Blown and sculpted glass
83 x 22 x 14 in

Jesse  Kelly

Jesse Kelly

Jesse Kelly Biography

(American, b. 1976)

Jesse Kelly has been blowing and sculpting glass for 21 years. His career began at age 18 in a Seattle glass production studio, where he developed a mastery of production and design in a fast-paced factory setting and cultivated a deep love for the medium of glass.

Both at the Pilchuck Glass School and in creating work for a variety of locally and internationally celebrated artists over the years, Jesse further honed his skills and began to find his own artistic vision.   

Some of the notable Master’s Jesse trained under are:

•           Maestro Lino Tagliapietra, 12 years

•           Dale Chihuly, 6 years

•           Hiroshi Yamano

•           Paul Cunningham

•           Richard Royal

Additional training includes:

•           Pilchuck School of Glass, attended courses and worked as Teachers’ Assistant

•           Pratt Fine Art, Seattle, taught glass blowing classes

•           Czech Republic – Bohemian Chrystal- glass blowing techniques

In 2004 he founded Jesse Kelly Glass to produce his own work. Jesse’s glass designs are primarily inspired by a lifelong immersion in the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest. His vibrant botanical designs evoke gracefully sweeping leaves, brightly colored flowers and spiky stalks of bamboo. Suitable for both interior and exterior installation, Jesse’s creations make gorgeous features in homes and landscapes.

Notable vendors:

•           Seattle Museum of Glass

•           Coda Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

•           Nordstroms’, Featured Artist

•           Fine nurseries and retailers in Washington and California


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