John Helton

Sculpture-wall (1-work)

John  Helton Rhythm IV
Rhythm IV
54 x 75 x 4.5 in

John  Helton

John Helton

John Helton Biography

(American, b. 1964)

John Helton is a sculptor, painter, and writer. He is recognized most for his large-scale sculptures and sites specific works. As a child, John’s father, who is also artist, exposure him to art from various museums and exhibitions all throughout Manhattan. From a young age, he exhibited the ability to produce his own stunning works of art.   

Now living in Park City, Utah, after graduating from Parson’s School of Design in New York City, he continues to create sculptures and fine art, as he has done for over 20 years. With his work featured in various publications and collections all over the United States, Helton is considered an important voice in Contemporary Art by bot collectors and curators.

“My work pays homage to the unseen forces affecting our world: from mathematics to metaphysics, from the sub-conscious to the subterranean. I am especially intrigued by the parallels between the macro and the micro. These forces and conditions display an interconnectedness beyond comprehension. Through my work I want to inspire in the viewer a sense of connection to the world around us and all of its infinite planes." 
John Helton

History has shown there is an emotional need for art in our lives, which is exemplified by artistic approaches to items of utility crafted by primitive peoples.  It can be assumed that the artistic embellishments on these items would not affect the functionality of the piece, so much as inspire the user. Hence the unique satisfaction John's clients receive everyday as they experience his works of art in their daily lives.

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