Paintings (4-works)

Paul  Davis
Red Wall
Oil on canvas
46 x 40 in
Paul  Davis
Silver Wall
Oil on canvas
43 x 40 in
Paul  Davis
Lichen and Varnish
Oil on canvas
45 x 40 in
Paul  Davis Outcrop
Oil on canvas
40 x 45 in

Paul  Davis

Paul Davis

Paul Davis Biography

(American, b. 1946)

Paul Davis draws in the Florentine tradition of structural draughts which is a tradition is founded on the close study of the human figure. On a simple and precise projection of information onto a two dimensional surface. Davis conveys his elegant and intelligent compositions with a hand that is both steady and graceful. Draftsmen of Davis' quality are extremely rare and are fewer and fewer in numbers.

His paintings are beautifully observed and assembled with a touch that is somehow both expansive and finite, each stroke exhibiting understanding of light conditions and a brilliant control of tonal values. This comprehension and recreation of light is the painter's supreme gift. It is not a skill that one attributes to a draftsman, which tend to lead in other directions.

In his studio pieces, the draftsman and the painter are in harmony. These are uncommon, perplexing pictures, not easily classified. They reflect an interest in photography and a considerable knowledge of pictorial construction. They have a powerful feeling for architectural spaces and the movement of the figures within them, and a mysterious and memorable atmosphere.

Paul Davis is a remarkably unique painter. He is a highly dedicated artist with keen eye and a deep critical understanding. His work is sophisticated, educated and singularly his.


Paul Davis Resumé

Selected Awards
Utah Visual Arts Fellowship
NEA WESTAF Visual Arts Fellowship

2014 Utah’s 15: The States Most Influential Artists

Portrait s include:
Bernie Machen, President, Florida University
Mark Strand, Poet

Selected Exhibitions
2009 -  “Paul and Silvia Davis”, CODA Gallery, Palm Desert Ca.
2008 -  “Recent State Acquisitions “ Capitol Rotunda, Salt Lake City, Utah
2007 -  “Springville Salon”, Springville, Utah
2006 -  “Salon d’Arts “Colorado History Museum. Denver Colorado.
2004 -  “Fifth Annual Realism Invitational.” Jenkins Johnson Gallery S.F.Ca
2002 -  “Utah Art 2002 “ Salt Lake City, Utah
1999 -  “Unwritten Stories “ One person exhibition, Harris Fine Arts Center,

Brigham Young University.
1999 - “Paul Davis- Recent Work “One person exhibition, Salt Lake Art Center.
1998 - “Paul Davis, Paintings “Olga Dollar Gallery, S. F, Ca.

Selected Collections
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
University of Utah
Fremont Indian Museum, Utah
Brigham Young Museum of Art
Springville Museum of Art
Salt Lake art Center
Mark Strand, Poet Laureate of United States
Mark Adams, painter
James McGarrell, painter
Daniel Sprick, painter

Selected Publications
“Springville Museum of Art , Salon, 2009 “
“Literature” McDougal Littell 2008
“Salon d Art “catalogue, Colorado History Museum, 2006
“Contemporary Utah Art “ Springville Museum of Art 2005, 2004
Southwest Art, magazine, “ Letting Go” B. Ganglehoff 2004
“Art: do It” A handbook for artists , Peter Meyer, 1996
“Utah Art “ by Dr. Robert Olpin

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