Dr. Neder's intrigue with glass began in his third grade science class and has literally grown with him ever since.  After serving six years as a Naval reactor operator he earned a BS, MA and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  Presently he divides his time between two loves, working hot glass and helping people grow.


Before building his own Hot Shop in 1990 he became known as a very talented stained glass artist.  From there he started learning "lamp work" (blowing glass in the flame of a huge torch).  Finally realizing a nearly lifelong dream he apprenticed for two years to learn the basics of offhand team blowing.  Ultimately he designed and perfected his own version of solo offhand blowing that finally freed his creative gifts to new dimensions.  The results are the distinctly vibrant, energetic and free flowing forms that are unique to Ross' bold style.


"In 1990, I created Glass Act by powering up a new electric furnace in Happy Valley, Oregon.  It is situated on three tranquil acres in rural Oregon.  My long term desire and effort has been to create objects of glass art never before available using new procedures and skills.  Hence, Glass Act Studio was designed primarily as a research and development operation where all the pieces are designed and created by one artist.  I found it necessary to revise the normal studio "team" concept in order to facilitate stylistic unity, harmony and direction as well as insuring unlimited experimental freedom.  I strive to infuse my own creative emotion and originality in each and every piece."


CODA Gallery, Palm Desert, CA;

Pismo Gallery, Denver, CO;

Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, OR;

Mockingbird Gallery, Bend, OR;

Crokett Gallery, Las Vegas, NV;

Caswell Gallery, Troutdale, OR; Show and Featured Artist

Interior Crafts, Chicago, IL; Featured Artist

Emerald City Gallery, Seattle, WA; Featured Artist

The Wood Gallery, Newport, OR; Featured Artist

Delta Airlines Permanent Collection, GA

Delta Airlines Permanent Collection

Interior Crafts, Chicago, IL

Emerald City Gallery, Seattle, WA

Alize's Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Whistler Village Gallery, Wistler, SC



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