Thank you for your interest in CODA Gallery. We are always interested in seeing new art, but because of the volume of submissions that the gallery receives, we would appreciate your following the guidelines below when submitting your work.

Please email your digital submission to and include Artist Submission-Your Name as the subject line of your email. If you would like to submit a website for review, please include the web address in your email. If you would prefer to submit individual jpg images, please attach no more than seven images with artist name, title of work, medium and dimensions in each file name.

It is important that you include a brief artist statement, biography or CV with your education, exhibition history, grants/awards, list of collectors (private, public and corporate), current gallery affiliations, any upcoming exhibitions or openings and copies of reviews/press received, as well as a general price list for your current work and a history of recent gallery sales.

All submissions are reviewed quarterly by our new artist committee, and we respond to those submissions which the gallery feels might be a good fit. We do not look at any potential new artwork in the gallery during business hours. You will be contacted only if there is an interest in further discussions about your work. We like to keep submissions on file indefinitely for future consideration, so please feel free to send us updates on your work and career development.

The entire CODA team wishes you all the best on your artistic journey.


Samuel Heaton
Director, CODA Gallery