(American, b. 1941)

Theodore T. Gall began his career in the arts in the mid-sixties as an animator for teaching films. He continued to broaden his skills as a graphic and package designer. In 1973 he began a twenty-two year association with automotive gasket manufacturer Fel-Pro Incorporated as "Artist in Residence". In addition to being responsible for much of the firm's graphic design, he designed all corporate awards as well as numerous sculptures incorporating the shapes and essential materials of the firm's products, some of which are park installations of major proportion. Gall has been working in metal since his early days as an artist. Although his work has not been limited to the human form, it has been his primary focus throughout his career. His compelling figures are most often placed in thought-provoking situations. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art and has served as consultant to the Art Institute and the Illinois Arts Council. He has shared his experience and skills with students at the Clay People in Chicago, the North Shore Art League in Winnetka, Illinois and the Ojai Art Center in Ojai, California. Gall has exhibited and garnered awards throughout the country and is acquiring a burgeoning international clientele.

Gall's work is lost wax cast into bronze, aluminum or stainless steel or welded Cor-ten steel. The original sculpture is either welded or formed with wax or clay. A mold is then made. Hot wax is poured into the mold. The waxes are detailed and sent to a foundry for casting into metal. Most of his sculptures are comprised of many separate components that are assembled in either the wax or the metal stage. Many of the larger works are produced in editions of seven or ten while the smaller pieces are one of a kind in that each one is assembled individually. While a concept may be repeated many times each sculpture is unique.


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Private and Corporate Collections

American Dental Association, Chicago, IL

Bell and Howard Corporation, Skokie, IL

CarX Company Showrooms, Chicago, IL

City of Oak Park, IL

City of Park Forest, IL

One Man and Group Shows

Adornments Gallery, Kauai, HI

Appalachia State University, Boone, NC

Artistic Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Benedictine College, Chicago, IL

Charles Dix Gallery, Delafield, WI

Monumental Works

Institutional and Corporate Collections

Amoco Research Center, Naperville, IL

            “Genesis” 7’ x 3’ x 5’ 1984

City of Palm Desert, CA

            “Charger” 18’ x 9’ 6’ 1990

Federal Mogul, Skokie, IL

            “Groundbreaker” 28’ x 8’ x 3’ 1984

            “Reliance” 13’ x 6’ x 6’ 1981

            “Triple R” 14’ x 8’ x 8’ 1978

            “Unity” 15’ x 10’ x 12’ 1976

Private Collections

Evergreen, CO, “Guardian” 6’ x 4’ x 3’

Geneva, Switzerland, “Awakening” 6’ x 5’ x 3’ 1994

Malibu, CA, “Puppetmaster” 1996

San Diego, CA, “Morning Sun” 8’ x 3’ x 3’ 1990




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