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Vladimir Cora's work shows that every historic period has its own realism.  The realism of the Mexican mural movement between 1920 and 1950, or the realism of the painters of the following decades, full of richness and trends, is other than the realism of the end of the century, whose distinctive mark is the liberation of the object as a plastic value.

In the deep, aesthetic, complex and different evolution of form and subject, drawing continues to be at the top, and Cora precisely draws fragments first, then the whole figure, and finally the total composition.

Even in his earliest paintings we find figures, human bodies, fruits, flowers, landscapes, arranged to summarize poetic and social subjects.  Making use of his tendency towards monumentality, accentuated in his recent works (1994 - 1995), the artist transmits to the world the purifying message of completely changed man and the liberation of the object as a plastic value.  His figurative communication contains a figuration whose message and arrangement of signs are completely renewing.  Gigantic wooden carved polychrome sculptures contribute to these expressions of exquisite sensibility.

The artist, born in the state of Nayarit, in a small town called Tecuala, continues to be in love with his hometown, and his love is evidently expressed in the solar language that identifies his native region.  His large studio workshop, which he becomes fonder of everyday, is adequate to accommodate his sculptures and mural size canvases.  Living in Tecuala does not prevent him from traveling to peek at the world and get in touch with avant-garde trends.