Coda Gallery
Sculpture Glass Painting

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Most people walk into CODA Gallery for the first time and stop in their tracks. They look around, eyes wide open and mouth slightly agape. Then they start to smile. CODA is a spontaneous feast for the senses, a warm welcoming environment infused with an infectious spirit of fun. The art at CODA is full of color and life, an eclectic mix of painting, sculpture, glass and objects, that share nothing except an extraordinary energy that makes the viewer feel good. After all, there is no reason that buying art has to be an intimidating experience.

Artists themselves are a large part of the experience of CODA. The gallery hosts frequent openings, and on any given day it is not unusual for one or more of the artists to be present at the gallery; sketching, painting, or just enjoying the fine and exciting art on the walls. Coda founder and guiding spirit, David Katz, explained, "The gallery business is simple. Find the right art, price everything fairly, have a great staff and treat people the way you would like to be treated."

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Charles Callis
Janell James
Mark Green

Sat. March 1, 2014

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Adams, David

Barney, Cassandra

Bennett-Miller, Danae

Bitney, Bye

Blackham, Brian

Bogh, Brian


Borup, Connie

Bowles, Mark

Braden, Carol

Braithwaite, Doug

Branson, Ed

Burns, Downe

Burns, Laurie

Callis, Charles

Casillas, Roxana

Chamberlain, Lucy

Chapman, Timothy

Chiarizia, Victor

Chidester, Wendy

Cody, Bruce

Cohn Stone,

Cora, Vladimir

Corbett, James

Currier, Alfred

Darni, Ulla

Davis, Silvia

Dawson, John

de Wit, John

Diediker, Sean

Dill, Laddie John


Dornan, David

Elliott, Sandra

Eppler, Jim

Erickson, John


Ethridge, Michael

Evans, Phill

Fasani, Ruben

Foggitt, Simona

Frappier, Nick

Frei, Lindsay

Gall, Theodore

Gardner, Tom

Gartner Blade,

Gillespie, Sean

Glann, Al

Gold, Carol

Goldstein, Marty

Gortner, Daryl

Gortner, Kenneth

Green, Mark

Guenther, Christian

Hamilton, Earl

Helmer, Nora

Herich, Arlene

Herzog, Linda

Hill, James

Holmes, Jenifer

Holmwood, Jeff

Howe, Tim

Hunnicutt, Joel

Hurlbert, Jacqueline

Jackman, Carol

James, Janell

Jeffries, Christopher

Kaferle, Anne

Kaplan, Sandy

Katz, Bernard

Keifer, J & K

Keifer, Jim

Keifer, Kathleen

Kennedy, John

Khosravi, Davoud

Kilpatrick-Miller, Kate

Kundmueller, Marilou

Lane, Tracey

LaPlante, Mitch

Larson, Robin

Lethbridge, Brett

Levi, David

Levy, Mark

Lewin, David

Lichtenhan, Phil

Lion, Ron

Lohe, Yves

Maltzman, Daniel

Martinez, Kathryn

McCaw, Dan

McCaw, Danny

McCaw, John

McClellan, Duncan

McGinnis, Donna

Memmott, Aaron T.

Meyer, Stan

Miles, Dottie

Miltenberger, Janis

Moore SS.CC., Fr. Bill

Neder, Ross

Newcomb, Gerry

Noice, Marshall

Palumbo, Giuseppe

Pan, Qi Qun

Payette, Gilles

Perry, Jamie

Phillips, Stacy

Proctor, Zachary

Raft and Sedway,

Randle, James

Renee, Dawn

Richmond, Ron

Robb, Kevin

Rogers, Dale

Rose, Lorra Lee

Rose, Marlene

Rosenfeld, Sarena

Rosin, Dino

Rubino, Bryan

Runstadler, Kurt

Rush, Tommie

Russell, Brian

Safarik, Leslie

Salamon, Bradford J.

Salge, Wayne

Scaglia, Ken

Schader, Brian

Scoon, Thomas

Skorut, Andrzej

Slaugh, Brad

Smith, S. Carlyle

Snow, Charley

Speaker, Michael

Spielman, Carol

Steele, Ben

Steirnagle, Michael


Stilson, Todd

Trenchard, Stephanie

Trueblood, L'Deane

Vadie, Mojan

Vanderveen, Loet

Volkov, Noi

Waddelow, Thomas

Wallis, Kent

West, Toreen

Wheatley, Jason

Whitaker, Lyman


Young, Chris

Young, Jeannine

Youngquist, Derek

Zwadlo, Jim

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